“Unique” homes

Have you ever gone into a house, whether it is while home-buying or visiting a friend, and thought “What were they thinking?!”? Whether it is outlandish wallpaper, clutter everywhere, everything being one color, or creepy art, some touches of “character” in a house can lead to a slower sale, lower asking prices, or simply no interest. If you are looking to sell, learn to detach yourself from your home and look at it through buyers’ eyes. The goal should be to attract as many buyers as possible to get as many offers as possible. The more offers, the more likely it is to have negotiations go your way. Here are some homes that I have seen when they were on the market:

1. A very realistic, life-sized statue of a girl stares at you from across the room as you step into this home:

Girl Statue

What strange things have you seen in people’s homes (whether they’re for sale or not)?

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