My first billboard ad

When I was a new Realtor® at Keller Williams, they decided to start an advertising campaign, highlighting the company’s growth by displaying the names and photos of two new agents every two weeks on the digital billboard on Kirby and State. I was one of the two first agents:


I walked into Church on the Sunday after my first week on the billboard and someone said, “Hey Mariya! I saw your face on a billboard! Looks good!”

When I heard that, I immediately forgot all of the advertising concepts that I had written about in my Advertising and Real Estate essay. What was the first thing that I thought when I heard that? “Wow! All it takes is seeing my face one time to remember me! Cool! Champaign County in its entirety now knows who Mariya Kleyn is!” It was so awesome! All I had to do now was sit back and wait for the phone to start ringing. How could anyone not choose me to be their agent?

And then I actually started thinking. First of all, Keller Williams was advertising themselves, not Mariya Kleyn. There was no contact info; it was only the photo and “Keller Williams Realty” in large letters. And it wasn’t even me, exclusively. Oh, well. It was still rather awesome seeing my photo and big, friendly smile on a billboard.

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