Landscaping and curb appeal: Why is an ugly yard so bad?

Curb Appeal 1These last several weeks have been very busy! As I have been taking buyers around to view homes, I have begun to notice a pattern that has solidified my views regarding the importance of curb appeal. I have been amazed at the striking correlation between curb appeal and the overall condition of a house.

Just because someone is not a master gardener does not mean that they neglect the inside of their home. However, the outside condition of the home often does reflect greatly upon the inside. And just to be clear, I am not talking about extreme gardening; I am referring to doing just the bare minimum: applying weed preventer, watering, fertilizing, and mowing (or having a lawn-care service do the work).

This lawn is in front of a house that is only 3 years old, emphasizing its neglect since day one. When my buyer and I entered the home, the carpet was very dirty, and the walls had stains, dings, and scratches all over them.

The yard and the exterior of your home is the first thing that people see. If buyers see weeds, dead grass, leafy gutters, and shrubs growing wild, they wonder about all of the deferred maintenance inside the home that they can’t see. Even if the inside is impeccably maintained, they’ll stillCurb Appeal 2 have that “feeling”. And a negative “feeling” is the hardest first impression to change. As a buyer, however, if you can see past the exterior, or don’t mind a little bit of work on the outside and/or inside, then you may find some deals. You might just be the first person to make an offer on some of these houses, at a time when the sellers are starting to get desperate…

A poor-quality lawn not only brings down the subject home’s property value, but also that of its neighbors. If the person next door to the subject property wants to sell his house, who would want to live next door to “slobs” or “tenants who don’t care” or “lazy people”? (actual quotes I’ve heard from clients).

If you’re thinking about selling, and are wondering about the curb appeal of your home, let me use my experience to help your home appeal to the most buyers, and get you top dollar!

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