How Far Away From Work Is This Home I’m Wanting?

When a lot of my clients start looking for a home, location is very important. Not only is the neighborhood important (contact me for information about neighborhoods in the Champaign-Urbana area that you might be interested in), but people also care about how close a home is to things they care about.

For instance, a very common question is, "How far from work is this place?", or "How far is it to little Johnny’s school?". I have found that clients who are moving to the area are very concerned about this, as well as those of us who care about how much gas we use. I have just added a new feature to my website that will make answering this question much easier for you.

It is now possible to set a default destination on my website. This is a feature that you, as a buyer, will find very helpful. Once you have set a default destination (such as "Work", along with the street address), home searches on my website will automatically include a bullet point that tells you the driving distance between "Work" and the home at which you are looking.

The steps required to use this handy new feature are simple:

  • Go to and fill out the form. It will ask you for a common name for the address (the text you want to see in your search results) and the actual street address of your destination. Click the submit button once you’ve typed in your destination. Note: Don’t type in your current home address! You probably won’t be driving that route very often. The address you want to type here is the address of a place you’ll be regularly going once you’ve found your next dream home.
  • Do a home search at ! When you look at the details for any home that meets your search criteria, there will be a list of Specifications in the left column. Near the bottom of that, you should see something like: Driving Distance To Work: 3.2 miles (about 12 minutes).

This is just one more custom feature that I am providing to buyers. I want to be your Realtor, and if you like this feature, let me know. If you can think of other features that you’d like to have, let me know that, too!

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