How to Sell Your Home the Right Way

Once you make the decision to sell your home, you might be tempted to just put the house on the market and get it over with as fast as possible.  After all, this can be a stressful and emotionally-draining task!

But rushing into things can show a lack of preparation and strategy. Mistakes made in the beginning of the selling process are difficult to undo. Even time – the great healer – does not help with real estate.

The first few days that a home is on the market present the best opportunity to generate the most showings, because your property will be the freshest among a large pool of homes that have been on the scene for a while. Buyers who have not yet found what they want will have something new to look at. This is also the best opportunity to have multiple people interested in your home at the same time (which could mean a higher sale price!) .  But, after the excitement wears off in a few days, your home will only be relevant to a much smaller group: a trickle of new buyers entering the market. This means that all of your efforts should focus on making your home ready to shine from the very beginning. To get it done right, you have to understand one key word: STAGING.

What is Staging?

Staging is the term in real estate used to describe the presentation of your home and the impression it makes on the prospective buyer. I’m not just talking about bringing in fresh flowers. I am referring to everything that you and I must do to make your home stand out as the best home in the neighborhood: outdoor and indoor repairs, painting, cleaning and clearing non-essential items (since you’ll be moving out anyway, you might as well start packing now!).

Staging is critical. In fact, I often encourage my buyers to take advantage of neglected-looking homes, because I know that only a few people are going to make offers on them. Unfortunately, most buyers just cross them off their list anyway. The problem with a poorly-staged home is not obvious.  Even though a home might have a perfect location, square footage, and floor plan, the many buyers I have worked with often cannot explain their lack of interest in an unstaged home.  “We’re just not that crazy about it” is the common response. They don’t see the house for what it is. They don’t see the cathedral ceilings and spacious family room, but they will remember the marred walls and photos of the family pets. Fortunately, it’s so easy to prevent with my help!

What I will do for you

As an army officer, I pay extra attention to detail and planning. My preparations for the "home-selling battle" consist of the following five steps (among many others!):

  1. Recommend the most cost-effective way to stage your home, and regularly check up on the progress before your home is put on the market.

  2. Take hundreds – yes, hundreds! – of bright, wide-angle photos and produce 360-degree panoramas of the main rooms.

  3. Measure every room and render a floor plan using professional software.

  4. Prepare a walk-through video, highlighting the unique features that a viewer might not notice, e.g. walk-in closets, hardwood floors, etc.

  5. Develop an interactive, user-friendly webpage featuring your home.

This media blitz will be reinforced with professional flyers and glossy brochures. Contact me to learn more about how my marketing plan will increase your home’s visibility.

Think about big companies like Apple, Nintendo, Sony, etc. These companies don’t just start selling a new product by putting it on the store shelves; they launch the new product in a way that’s guaranteed to be as flattering as possible. And that’s precisely what we will do with your home.

Many agents are so happy to get a listing that they don’t prioritize selling the home quickly with maximum profit for you. You should remember that some agents’ financial interests in the sale might not be the same as yours. [Blog on this subject coming soon; sign up to receive it here ]. So, they just “throw it up” in the MLS. And that’s exactly how it looks: “thrown-up”. Don’t let your home become another one of the many new listings I see with this sole photo:

Buyers will rarely come back to an incomplete listing or consider a home that wasn’t staged properly. So, the home will join the ranks of the many that do not sell during the first time that they are listed.  Usually they are re-listed, often at a lower price. Ouch!

Wait, it’s not over yet! Having read this article, you are already at an advantage.

The virtue of patience – and strategic planning – is very relevant to listing a house. The time that it takes to prepare your home for sale will pay off in the time it will take to sell it and the profit you will make. Every repair, every hour of cleaning, and every packed box of items, will make you money! My strategic approach and attention to detail can maximize your net proceeds and help your home sell quicker.

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