Avoiding Real Estate Pitfalls Prior to Closing

Whether you are considering selling or buying your home, it is common to go through times of stress and through times of joy.  Regardless of how stressful things may be, when a home goes pending (a contract has been accepted), it is fair to expect that things will go normally, and in complete accordance with the dates and criteria set forth in the contract.  After all, when everything is written out in black and white, there is no room for mistakes, right?

Alas, I often hear horror stories from other agents about how someone made a mistake, and now the buyers can’t close on time.  Or, the buyers can’t get financing, and the sellers have already purchased their next home.  Or, a home inspection uncovers some issues, but the buyers miss the deadline to tell the sellers and are stuck!  Or, just recently, how a week before the closing, the sellers realize that the tenants in their home have a lease that ends a month after the [already-set] closing date.  What a way to kill the joyous mood of an excited buyer!

ALL of the above examples (and there are so many others!) could have been prevented by a Realtor’s due diligence.  Remember that, even if you are a buyer and aren’t paying a realtor fee (see “How Realtors Get Paid“) in the short-term, you are not just hiring an agent to help you write an offer or accept a contract.  You are hiring me to represent your interests 100% and ensure that the closing actually happens in accordance with the date and terms specified in the contract.   It sounds so plain and simple on paper, but there is a lot to be done during the 3-4 weeks before closing.  I recently sold another home in 5 days and my seller said, “Congratulations; now your work is done”.  Not exactly…

I don’t just feel “lucky” that a closing happened on time and with everyone happy.  I make checklists, share calendars with my clients and their lenders and/or attorneys, and make sure that everyone knows their responsibilities and deadlines.  I do all of this because it is how I would want to be treated by anyone I hire.  If you need to buy or sell your home, contact me and I will do all I can to make it happen!

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