Featured Homes On The Website

I’m always looking for ways to increase home visibility for my clients who’s homes I am marketing.

My website is popular (well in excess of 100,000 hits per month for quite a few months now), and one of the ways that I market my seller’s homes is to feature them on the website. I have my Featured Homes page, but I have also arbitrarily chosen one of my featured homes and shown it in the left column on each webpage. This has worked pretty well, but I wanted a way that I could showcase all of my featured homes on each page. So, I have added a new feature to the website that is sure to attract attention.

When you now go to my website you will see a scrolling list of homes on the side bar. Not only does the scrolling draw one’s eyes, but it gives all of my clients the opportunity to be shown on all of the webpages.

I hope you enjoy this new feature, and if you are interested in selling your home, be sure contact me for a detailed packet describing this as well as many other ways that I will market your home for you.

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