What will $29,950 buy you in Champaign? How about a foreclosed home with a scary shower??

If you have thought about purchasing a foreclosure home because of the allure of getting an amazing deal, remember that in our area, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Last week, I had the opportunity to meet a client at one of the least expensive homes available in Champaign right now, a two-story foreclosure with a basement, priced at $29,950 (there are several homes priced even lower).  I was the first to arrive, so I thought I’d go inside and take a look around before meeting my client.  This home is not for most people, so keep this in mind when you look at the photos.  Remember also that this home is less than $30,000, a rare find anywhere.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the home was the overwhelming odor, that of dead small animals masked by a strong mold-mildew presence.  In fact, I rushed from room to room, pausing briefly to take pictures, and stopping after the first floor to go back outside and get some fresh air.  While recovering outside, I reflected upon what I had just seen, an assortment of odd paint choices, wallpaper creativity, and water damage:

1. The kitchen had plenty of cabinets, but on the other side was some suspicious water damage:
The kitchen

2. The dining room had more water damage:

3. The downstairs bathroom was one of the more unique ones I had ever seen.  It reminded me of the “before” version of some “before and after” transformation.  The entire room was covered with Contact-type paper, even the vanity cabinet doors!  My client and I shared a good laugh when he saw it.  If you have a bathroom that looks like this, and you want to sell your home, contact me and we will discuss an immediate plan of action. Irreversible moisture damage will result from this arrangement:

4. The family room had a unique paint scheme:

The basement was next.  Many older homes have basements with moisture issues, but this basement received high marks for excessive smell, moisture, and levels of suspected mold.  The usefulness of the basement was limited to simply house the furnace and water heater, which were in pretty decent shape:

The upstairs also had a story to tell.  One of the bedrooms was rather normal, and even had a walk-in closet!  The other bedroom had an interesting paint scheme:

Finally, the master bathroom was the icing on the cake.  This was the scariest bathroom that I had ever seen, and I was glad that it was still daylight; otherwise, I would have let my imagination run wild and would still be having nightmares today:

If this is the home that you are looking for, let me know today and you can buy it!  There are foreclosure deals out there that are in much better shape than this home, but they are also priced much higher. Many times, foreclosures are, indeed, priced more competitively than other homes, and it results in multiple offers in a short amount of time. Often, the multiple offers result in a near-market price anyways, which offsets the value that you would receive.  If you are interested, contact me to receive eUpdates of foreclosures homes in the area.  Find out about them immediately (not the next morning like you would with other agents’ “auto-pull” systems) so that we look at them before anyone else has a chance.  If you have any other questions or comments, please post them below!

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