A hint of Centennial High School’s musical talent

My husband is a member of one of the local Rotary clubs.  They recently had a meeting at Centennial High School to view a few snippets from Centennial’s upcoming performance of “Bye Bye Birdie”.  I jumped at the opportunity to join the meeting!  When I was in high school, some of my very good friends were heavily involved in the fine arts, including the band, choir, drama (musicals/plays) and crew (set design, lighting, all of the behind-the-scenes work).  I had great pride in the quality of the musical shows that my high school performed and was prepared to be disappointed. 🙂

Was I wrong!  The few numbers that the students performed were pretty incredible AND they still have one week until the dress rehearsal!  There were a couple microphone/sound issues, but it’s not a high school musical without a few glitches. 🙂  And again, they still have a week to address any issues.

If you have no plans, mark your calendar for April 9, 10, or 11th at 7pm.  Ticket costs for adults are $9; children are $5; students/senior citizens are $7.  Let me know if you are going and I will look for you!

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