How Realtors® get paid

About 90% of Realtors® work as independent contractors. This means that they do not have an employee relationship with the firm that they are working for. All of their income is commission-based, and they receive no health benefits. The other 10% of Realtors® may have some sort of employee status with their real estate firm, or may be licensed assistants for Realtors® who are independent contractors. Continue reading How Realtors® get paid

Advertising and Real Estate

We’ve all seen enough billboards that unless they’re absolutely attention-grabbing, we don’t pay any attention to them. It seems that about 95% of the time, I don’t remember what a billboard is about nor who is on it. Even when someone asks, “Have you seen that hilarious ______ billboard on Prospect?”, and I try to pay attention that next time I pass it, I still cannot seem to notice.

Realtors® seem to be everywhere on billboards these days. Continue reading Advertising and Real Estate