I only want new homes! or I really want an older home with charm!

When you are looking for a new home to buy, do you care how old it is?  Some people do.  Some people only want homes that are virtually new.  Others might like the rustic charm that comes from owning a home that has been around for a century.

I’ve mentioned before that the home search feature on my website is quite popular.  As I talk to people who are interested in buying homes, one of the questions that I always ask is, "What can I do to make my website more useful to you?".  One of the answers that I’ve heard recently is that people have wanted a way to limit their results according to how old the homes are.  So, I’ve been working on an addition to my home search that lets users "pick their age" and today I’m releasing it to the public.

From the search page on my website, there is now an option for ‘Age:’. If you don’t care about the age of the homes you are looking for, just leave the option in its default position. But, if you want to restrict your search to homes that are newer, you can choose one of the options in the drop-down box. The ‘New Construction’ option is special. Realtors typically use it to refer to a house that hasn’t yet been lived in. If this is the particular type of home that you are looking for, choose that option. If you really enjoy older homes, choose the option for homes that are older than 75 years.

I want to be your Realtor. Features like this are just one of the services that I provide. Are you thinking about selling your home? I have a well-visited website. Why not have your home featured here? More "eyes" on your home means that it will sell quicker, for more money.

Leave me a comment if you like this feature, or if you have suggestions for other things that I should add to my site!