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The AroundCU Real Estate Company Advantage

You want your house to sell for the best price, quickly, and with as few problems as possible. Contact us for a custom evaluation and targeted marketing plan. Here is a brief overview of our services:
    The selling price of a home needs to be the highest price that the market will bear. To assist you in determining the correct asking price, we will provide you with a comprehensive market analysis of comparable properties sold, and offered for sale, in your neighborhood.

    We will advise you on how to best prepare for showing to prospective buyers. You will be kept up to date on the state of the market, and the sale of similar properties and any other factors which may affect the progress of the sale of your home.

    Information about your home will be distributed to other real estate firms through out the community through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the internet and through personal phone calls. Our easily recognized sign will be placed on your property. Your home will be promoted to our sales associates at weekly sales meeting and we will keep everyone involved current on upgrades, pricing and availability.

    Marketing of your home is of the utmost importance. Statistics show that 40% of buyers purchased a home from name/firm recognition or salesperson contact. 20% of buyers purchased from a "For Sale" sign. Only 3% of buyers purchased a home they saw from an advertisement, and only 1% of buyers purchased an open house they saw. This shows that active marketing is far more productive than the passive marketing that most agents do ("put home in MLS, put sign in yard, and hope"). We will actively prospect daily for buyers for your home. Contact me for a more detailed explanation of what we can do for you.

    We will provide continuous exposure of your home 24 hours a day through the Multiple Listing Service, which is a central databank for area Realtors and their buyers, and Internet ads placed on the AroundCU Real Estate Company website and With our advanced computer system, we can identify people who have been looking for homes in your neighborhood; they will be contacted and given the details of your property. Contact us to learn about ten other methods that we utilize to ensure that your home is marketed to the appropriate target audience.