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Rent vs. Own

Buying a home can make even the calmest person a bit uneasy. Buyers who have bought several homes in their lifetime still feel intimidated by the purchase each and every time. It is a big decision and one of the largest purchases most people make. So, why put yourself through this experience?

There are many advantages to buying your own home. One of the biggest reasons for buying over renting is that you are making a house payment for someone else when you rent. If you are paying $800.00 a month in rent, in a year you will have paid someone else $9,600.00. In 2 years time you will have handed over $19,200.00 to help someone else pay their mortgage. This loss quickly accumulates. Why not use your rent money to pay for an investment of your own instead of someone else's? In spite of recent housing "woes", real estate is still considered the safest investment, and is the #1 choice for investors worldwide.

Owning a home has become much easier than in the past. If you are considering buying but are unsure if you can afford a home, or whether your credit is adequate, please call or email me. I will try to find lenders that will work with you.

It is common for the thought of buying your own home to feel unattainable, overwhelming, or intimidating. Call me at (217) 239-7125 or email me at I will give you an informative Buyer's Packet and walk you through every step of the buying process. I will do my best to make the buying experience as easy as possible for you.