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Setting A Default Destination

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You can use this page to set a default location for your home searches. The location that you need to provide is the location of the place that you'll most often go to once you own your new home. With today's gasoline prices and ever-increasing traffic, it's helpful to know just how many miles from work that a given home might be. Most people provide a workplace address. But, if you have another location that you will be visiting regularly, such as a church or your child's school, you can put in the address for that as well.

The location you choose will only be used for calculating distances to homes that you are interested in. That's all! It won't be used for anything else. No identifying information will be stored with it. This is being provided purely for your convenience. Note: This is experimental, and though I've done my best to insure that everything is accurate, while you are doing searches you might run across a home or two (particuarly those out in the country) that might not have addressses that I can understand. You can also come back to this page anytime to modify your default location. If you would rather have me do a custom home search for you, please contact me with your location preferences.

Important! From looking through the logs, a lot of people have trouble filling this form out. You need to give both the location name and the location address. You choose the location name. Just pick some words that will be meaningful to you. For the location address, you need to give an actual street address, as described below. You have to give both for this to work.

Location Name [REQUIRED] (This is what you want to show up in the description when you do a home search), like:
  • Illini Union
  • Carle Hospital
  • Emily's School

Location Address [REQUIRED] (something that Google can understand), like:
  • 123 Main St, Urbana, IL
  • 42 W. Anystreet, 61874
This needs to be the address of where you will be driving to on a regular basis from your new home.

Remember: Did you set your location address to your place of work or some other place that you'll be visiting often after you buy your new home? Those are the distances that I will be showing you. You should not put in the address of your current home, unless, for some reason, you plan to drive between your new home and your old home often!